• Take our e-learning courses about the Passive House concept to learn more about energy-efficient and comfortable buildings or start to prepare for the Certified Passive House Designer exam.

    It is now also possible to take most Passive House exams online. To get further information on full course concepts and on online exams, please contact your closest course provider.


    Passive House in Pirna - Passive House for decision makers

    Passive House for Decision makers

    Whether you are a resident, an investor or a politician, this free online course will help you understand the science behind the Passive House concept. Learn how it can help to have a positive impact on your life, your bank account and even your city! This course is part of the EU funded project Train to NZEB.

    Erich Kästner Passive House School

    Passive House Fundamentals

    Get a clear overview of the Passive House standard, certification requirements and the various elements to consider when designing and constructing Passive House buildings. By taking this course you can start to prepare for the international Certified Passive House Designer exam or better follow along a PHPP/designPH workshop. It is available in several languages.

    PHPP Online Course

    PHPP Online Course

    Learn how to use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) for residential building design and certification. You will be guided step-by-step through the relevant worksheets, while learning the correct conventions for measurements and calculations. In addition, a case study will provide you with practical experience in completing and documenting PHPP calculations!

    Navigating Building Certification

    Navigating Building Certification

    Easily and efficiently through the certification process: this course will give you a good understanding of Passive House building certification and help you to deepen your own competences. Learn why certification is important, how to find a suitable certifier, as well as how the certification process works and has to be documented. In addition, get references to resources that contain important information for certification!