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further material

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This course will give you a good understanding of Passive House building certification and help you to deepen your own competences. You will learn why certification is important and how the certification process works. How to find a suitable certifier? How does the certification have to be documented? You will also get references to resources that contain important information for certification. This course was produced in collaboration by Peel Passive House Consulting, MIZU Passive House Consulting and RDH Building Science. Some examples that may be given in the course might refer to the Canadian  conditions. The course is divided into three sessions and consists of video lectures on various topics related to the  Passive House certification process.

Session 1 

Intro How to Certify
Why certify?
Overview of PHI process
How to hire a Certifier
Certification process
How a certifier consults

Session 2 

Project Documentation Requirements and Submission
Project Documentation Oganisation
Project Documentation Plans and Drawings
Project Documentation Measurements
Project Documentation Psi-values
Project Documentation Products
Project Documentation Construction
Project Documentation Post_Construction
Project Documentation Post Reviews and PHPP Notes

Session 3 

Passive House certification requirements
Occupant satisfaction
Boundary conditions for PHPP calculations
Other key things to consider

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