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So you want to fight climate change, but still enjoy a comfortable life?

Then try out a Passive House building! Experience great indoor comfort whether you are living in a hot and humid climate or in a dry and cold region - you will enjoy nice temperatures and humidity levels all year round! All this without radiators below your windows!

Passive House buildings also provide a healthier living environment. Are you concerned about air pollution? But unsure how to escape it? Well, just find your nearest Passive House! Thanks to its airtight layer and ventilation filters, pollutants and allergens will remain outside. Meanwhile, indoor air pollutants and unwanted odours will be continuously removed by the controlled ventilation. What‘s more, sleep tight at night: Thanks to a high quality envelop, mould growth and condensation is not a problem in Passive Houses, not even behind furniture!

Now what about costs? Are you tired of throwing your money away? Then invest it in a top quality building envelope and efficient building services. It is especially worth it in times of high price inflation and low interest rates! No matter the investment costs, Passive Houses are cost-optimal over their long life cycle. Their operation costs are very low, so once the loan is fully repaid, you will save money compared to a conventional building!

In addition to that, Passive House buildings are sustainable. They usually require some insulation, but the energy saved over their life cycle will always be much higher than the embodied energy of insulation, no matter the material. What is more a lower energy demand means lower CO2 emissions. It also makes a 100% renewable supply possible, be it with wind, solar or hydroelectricity. But couldn’t we just balance a higher energy demand with more renewable energy? Not really, because energy isn‘t always available when we need it the most. And what about space, especially in the cities? What about cost, storage capacity and aesthetical integration in the landscape?

Last but not least, Passive House buildings fulfill their promises over time! Over the past two decades, the first Passive House built in Germany has been consuming on average, 7 times less than a conventional low energy building. After 25 years of operation the ventilation ducts still look new thanks to the ventilation filters. The building envelope is also intact. Only some window seals needed replacement, which is normal and easily done. In the end, it is all about the experience. So come and have a look at some Passive House buildings during the Passive House Open days to fully appreciate their benefits!


  • Advantages of Passive House buildings

    - Comfortable
    - Excellent air quality
    - Cost-optimal over life cycle
    - Sustainable
    - Long-lasting

  • International Passive House Days