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You are interested in the Passive House concept, but you don‘t want to live in a wooden box in Germany?

Don‘t worry, the Passive House concept works for many kinds of buildings. Whether you are into curves, organic or square architecture, you will find many different examples of Passive House buildings.

Check out the smallest Passive House in the world, energy-efficient skyscrapers or a whole Passive House district. There is way more than residential units - you can also enjoy yourself at a Passive House museum or swimming pool building. Wether you fancy concrete or natural materials, traditional or modern architecture, there is something for each taste and budget! Most Passive House buildings are new, but old buildings can be efficiently retrofitted using passive house components and techniques.

Moreover, there is no fixed set of parameters to reach the Passive House standard. Compact buildings are ideal but a less compact shape can be compensated with better quality windows and airtightness for instance.

And no matter your location, the Passive House standard works everywhere, because it is based on the laws of physics! Be it warm, cool-temperate or hot and humid, get a draught-free, cosy and airy building right now! Need some more inspiration?

Then check out The Passive House database! Passive House buildings are just normal buildings built better!


  • Passive House buildings can be

    - of any shape
    - of any size
    - of any type
    - of any architectural style
    - of any construction material
    - new or retrofitted
    - built worldwide!

  • No fixed set of parameters to reach the Passive House standard